Special Edition Set

I’ve decided to do something fun, so I chose 3 of Hayao Miyazaki’s work for this project. The movies are Spirited away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and My Neighborhood Totoro.

My first board is that of a more sentimental, storybook kind of feel and packaging. Blues and browns, warm vs cool.

My second is directed more towards children. Colorful, full of images, outside paper texture, with a clear inner box. Could include something fun like a how-to for paper craft.

My third is directed more towards adults. Darker, creepier feel. I was thinking about making a case shaped like the cat bus in one of the movies and have the outside of it with some fur like material, almost like a plush. The dvd cases will have a simple patterned inside with a simple memorable image, which would make this into a more fan driven base.


One response to “Special Edition Set”

  1. joe says :

    All great ideas!
    I myself am having trouble figuring out which one to endorse…
    #3 has so much potential. That each box is like different oragami shapes when you open them seems like a great idea.
    #2 is great too. a more simple idea, but unique with the clear case. I like the layering effect and potential of the colors.
    Your choice…

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