Drink Sketches


6 responses to “Drink Sketches”

  1. benchmarkdesignco says :

    Very nice start…would like to see a little more detail to get a better understanding of your ideas. Maybe focus on only a few concepts and flesh those out more.

  2. Michael Brent says :

    You have a lot of variation which is awesome, its hard to see a relationship to from the bottles to the box though. I would’ve put the box with the corresponding bottle so we could see them together.

  3. Jessica says :

    I like your initial sketches with the die cuts of the wave label. I would maybe expand on that idea for the carrier as well by having wave like elements include in the die cut. I prefer the shorter bottles because it is unique and strays away from their current branding. It’s something a little different.

  4. michellehy says :

    I like that you’re starting to explore new ideas for the label where as having a straight cut. Straight cut is too obvious, you should keep going with different label cuts.

  5. aida244558 says :

    I really like the bottle with the wave pattern I think that is a great ideal if you frost the wave or vise versa and about the package that the bottom left is the best and most innovative and non-standard one.

  6. Will Sinclair says :

    i like the mountain and anchor imagery but i think a silhouette of a wave and an anchor would make more sense.

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