The Good

Clever packaging for Puma brand shoes which allows it to then be used as a bag.

This idea came from a student and was made for Target brand prescriptions. The idea is that the label can be read without having to flip it in an awkward manner. The color rings also allow for easy identification.

CD Packaging can be creative and is sometimes used and considered as a separate work of art apart from the music itself.

The Ritz Bits packaging is very convenient for those that are on the go. The packaging is sturdy and somewhat waterproof so it will protect the contents.

I thought this one was very simple yet clever. Its made of glass, the cork keeps the liquids inside. What also caught my attention was the fact that the bottle itself can hold 2 different types of oils which are separated and have different openings. The bottom opening which can be used to better hold the bottle when using the upper portion.


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